Functional trainings make the most of the body and its movements by exercising different muscle groups, improving general health and well-being. In addition, these activities help us to correctly perform daily tasks or specific sports.

At the TRX, FITCROSS, ABD and GAP XPRESS classes, you will work on your whole body by incorporating the best of each field of fitness in order to get greater results.

These types of activities improve strength, speed, mobility, endurance and coordination, therefore helping strengthen joint systems, protect against potential injuries and improve correct body posture.

Balls, TRX tapes, dumbbells, among others, are usually used in these sessions.


A specific cardiovascular work training that is carried out with indoor bicycles, accompanied by motivating musical sessions.

“Climb mountains” and travel kilometres with different changes of pace and intensity, in addition to doing small toning exercises without getting off the bike.

CYCLING POINT classes are always led by a monitor, whereas VIRTUAL POINT classes are led by a virtual monitor.

This type of training mainly works the muscles of the lower body, and to a lesser extent those of the upper bod, thus improving your cardiovascular resistance and helping you burn fat.



Group of toning and cardio activities focused on different levels and intensities.

These types of activities are focused on certain muscle groups or all parts of the body, while performing aerobic movements to the rhythm of musical sessions. Dumbbells, balls, punching bags, steps … are usually used in these sessions.

BODY POINT, GLOBAL FIT, FITBOX, GAP POINT, ZUM-STYL and ZUMBA are the perfect workouts to help you reduce fat, tone muscles, improve coordination and reduce stress.


Wellness activities are focused on physical and mental health, in search of body-mind balance through different techniques and exercises.

These activities aim at finding well-being by working on the daily state of mind and relaxation in order to keep it positive strong, relaxed and balanced.

YOGA, BALANCE POINT, HIPO-PILATES, E.S. and PILATES are different workouts focused on this well-being pursuit through breathing exercises, stretching and postural repositioning.

These activities are of low intensity but truly helpful to improve the muscles without increasing their volume, increase flexibility, reduce stress and optimize breathing control.



Trainings performed outside the centre and directed by a monitor. These activities start and end at Fit Point Palma.

RUNNING: You don’t need any special equipment to join this activity. This activity is suitable for runners of all levels. You will work on your cardiovascular performance, stimulate lung capacity, speed up metabolism, strengthen bones and burn fat.

BIKE-ROUTE: To join this activity you need to bring a road bike. Each rider is responsible for bringing their own material. Like cycling, this type of training mainly works the lower body muscles and helps improving cardiovascular endurance and fat burning.